The Council

The Council makes up the Broken Hills Kaer government. Five councilors serve at at a time with renominations occurring every five years.

Old Council: New Council:
Ranmir Nar’Valos (Dwarf) – Succeeded Aphesius Orren (Elf) Ranmir Nar’Valos (Dwarf)
Ortis Anvilmar (Dwarf) Ortis Anvilmar (Dwarf)
Gunder Kallazod (Dwarf) Gideon Orren (Elf)
Garrus Darelliun (Human) Gortwog the Grey (Ork)
Cassius Harrowmont (Human) Cassius Harrowmont (Human)

Council Nominees:

Nominee Champion Placement
Gideon Orren (Elf) Self Champion 1st
Cassius Harrowmont (Human) Lisbeth Harrowmont (Human) 2nd
Gortwog the Grey (Ork) Darrius Orren 3rd
Ortis Anvilmar (Dwarf) Dwyan Anvilmar (Dwarf) 4th
Brog Bonetooth (Ork) Marek Stonejaw (Ork, Militia) 5th (Disqualified)
Ranmir Nar’Valos (Dwarf) Logan Pratt (Human, Militia) 6th
Garrus Darelliun (Human) Self Champion 7th
Storn Oakenwull (Dwarf) Self Champion 8th
Nash Borrobog (Ork) Bren Hardin (Human) 9th (Disqualified)
Lucias Artelus (Human) Wilo Darmallon (Dwarf, Militia) 10th
Gunder Kallazod (Dwarf) Gorus Kallazod (Dwarf) 11th
Belarus Quinn(Dwarf) Stobart Quinn 12th

Often the councilors are made up of the noble families in the Kaer though there are exceptions time to time if someone has distinguished themselves within the Kaer or has enough backing both financially and popularity wise.

To qualify for a nomination for Council one must be backed by at least 100 names in support (roughly 5% of the Kaer’s population), have raised 1000 silver (which goes to the Council to be used in the upkeep of the Kaer), and, as a final step, be approved by the current Council members. Each time a new Council Ceremony takes place there is a total of 10 nominations accepted with 5 of the nominees becoming councilors for the next term as decided by the Council Competition.

Hanurai and the Council

Naroshu Hanurai is a living legend in the Kaer however he has never served on the Council. This is mainly due to the fact that he has spent nearly all of the last few centuries in a deep hibernation. Never the less he is well respected and often meets with the Council when he is active and his words have much sway with them.

Orks on the Council

Although there is no official rule against it, no Ork has ever served on the Council despite the Orks having a population majority within the Kaer. This has become a matter of much conflict within the Kaer over the last few decades.

Five years ago the Ork, Accerak Blackhand, was nominated for the Council with a large backing from the Orks and even from some of the other races within the Kaer. However, before the ceremony it was discovered that he was a Nethermancer and had been using blood magic and some say, even horror magic to advance his cause. He was tried and found guilty and quickly executed for his crimes though many whisper that he was framed by those who did not want to see an Ork in power.

This year, there is an even stronger push to have an Ork join the Council with three different Orks in the running including Brog Bonetooth, Gortwog the Grey, and Nash Borrobog. Given the chaos caused during the last ceremony even those opposed to an Ork on the council see a need to appease the Orks. The current council has decreed that they will accept only one Ork nominee – they will only accept the Ork nominee who places highest during the competition, provided at least one places high enough to qualify at all.

Brog Bonetooth is the most popular amoung the Orks, especially the young Orks, though the rest of the Kaer views him as something of a rogue at best and a criminal at worst.

Nash Borrobog, a successful merchant, is the most popular choice among the non-Orks though many Orks feel that Nash is corrupted by his wealth and will simply be a puppet for the other Councilors.

Gortwog the Grey, a member of the Hand of Gron, is a popular choice though he is quite elderly by Ork standards at the age of 44 and doesn’t inspire the passion that Brog Bonetooth does. Those who do support him say that his age has mellowed him but has also made him wise. They feel that Gortwog will make the best leader while the Orks live among the ujnort (non-Orks).

The Council

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