The Split-Tooth family line is one of many Ork families living in the Broken Hills Kaer.

The Split-Tooths take their family name from Brog Split-Tooth, one of the original Orks to enter the Kaer. The legend says that Brog was one of the last men to enter the Kaer as he stood at the entrance holding back the approaching horrors. One of the horrors bit into his arm and Brog, his weapon arm rendered useless bit the horror back, killing it and shattering his tooth in the process. Brog is considered a Kaer hero, especially to the Orks. Orks who’ve grown bitter at living in the Kaer refer to Brog as the “last true Ork” as no other Ork since has had an opportunity to prove themselves in true battle.

As with most Ork family lines the Split-Tooths are closely connected with several other Ork family lines, most specifically the Stonejaw, Bloodfire and Gobstomper families. Because Orks often have many mates the children usually take the mother’s name.

Jorn Split-tooth immediate family tree:

Tamlin Stonejaw (deceased) & Garrek Bloodfire (45)

  • [male] Marek Stonejaw (23)
  • [female] Tarryn Stonejaw (20)

Mara Split-Tooth (32) & Garrek Bloodfire

  • [male] Jorn Split-Tooth (15)
  • [male] Kael Split-Tooth (13)
  • [male] Ragno Split-Tooth (12)
  • [female] Farra Split-Tooth (10)

Mara Split-Tooth & Urik Gobstomper (32)

  • [female] Shala Split-Tooth (7)
  • [male] Brog Split-Tooth (7)


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