The Quinns are a Dwarven family line living in Broken Hills Kaer. While not one of the original owners of the mine that eventually became Broken Hills Kaer, the Quinns have been heavily involved with the mine right from the beginning as Fignus Quinn was the head overseer of the mining operation.

Since that time the Quinn family has continued to be considered of minor noble status within the Kaer and have often had a family member serving on the Council over the centuries. Many Quinns still serve as Kaer planners and surveyors, overseeing any further mining performed in the Kaer as well as any large scale building projects (most recently, the Ork Tunnel expansions though the tunnels were dug out without full approval and rather hastily).

Currently there are no Quinns serving on the council as they have fallen somewhat out of favor with the rest of the noble families due to their insistence that the Kaer should be opened to the outside world, which many consider reckless, however Belarus Quinn (Stubbs’ uncle) has been nominated for Council in the upcoming election and is trying to drum up support within the Kaer.

The Quinn family has also been the keeper’s of the Scout Discipline, passing it down through the generations. Agnar Quinn is the current Scout Master in the Kaer but is very old at the age of 89 and has passed his training on to his nephew, Stobart “Stubbs” Quinn

Stobart Quinn’s Family Tree:

[m] Caradin Quinn (deceased) & [f] Rylia Darmallon (deceased)

  • [m] Agnar Quinn (89)
  • [m] Noran Quinn (80)
  • [m] Belarus Quinn (77)

[m] Dagnus Lormak (deceased) & [f] Jaella Gundarr (104)

  • [m] Toki Lormak (78)
  • [f] Kelli Lormak (74)

[m] Noran Quinn & Kelli Lormak

[m] Ruck Rowstern (80) & [f] Kaitlyn Kallazod (79)

  • [f] Chell Rowstern (40)

[m] Stobart Quinn & [f] Chell Rowstern

  • [m] Viktor Quinn (10)


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