The Orren family is the only family of Elves living in the Broken Hills Kaer.

Malachai Orren, a travelling elven Swordmaster took refuge in the Kaer with his young grandson, Aphesius after losing the rest of his family in a brutal horror attack. The only other Elven family in the Kaer, a noble family named the Morrovhirs, took Malachai and Aphesius into their home.

Malachai took it upon himself to train up a militia for the Kaer in case the defenses were ever breached. He also trained his grandson Aphesius in the Swordmaster Discipline from a young age, eventually passing away of natural causes at the age of 294. Aphesius continued his grandfather’s work, becoming the head of the Broken Hills Militia and eventually married Ceres, an Illusionist and the daughter of his adoptive family, the Morrovhirs. Together they had three children: Gideon, Darrius, and Tamrial.

Gideon, the eldest son, although well trained in the Kaer Militia, showed no sign of being an Adept and instead turned to the family tradition of politics (both his father Aphesius and his adoptive grandfather Asteban served on the Council several times over the last few centuries). Darrius showed great promise as a Swordmaster and was trained by his father to be an Adept. Tamrial also showed promise and was trained by her mother, Ceres, to be an Illusionist.

Ceres has long been a sympathizer of the Orks’ freedom though she tends to view the Orks as raucous children rather than equals deserving true respect. Despite this view she has worked over the last 80 years to support the Orks bid for independence and has influenced her children to the same. She has taken on the young Ork, Jorn split-Tooth, as a disciple and trained him to be an Illusionist.

Aphesius was a strong willed and personable elf. None in the Kaer could match his skill with a blade and few could match his wit. In general he was well respected and liked, though he did have enemies within the Kaer due to his pride and cocky attitude. Aphesius was also a follower of Mynbruje, the Passion of Justice and enjoyed defending the accused and turning the tables on false accusers whenever he could. He was heavily involved in the Blackhand investigation and was deeply troubled by the outcome, never fully being convinced that Accerak was guilty of his crimes.

Aphesius enjoyed being a center of attention and often served on the Council. He decreed to his family that as head of his house no one but him could run unless he permitted it. This caused a lot of tension between him and Gideon who had wished to run for the last few decades however did not want to dishonor his father’s wishes.

Aphesius died 3 years ago. He was quite elderly by this time, having lived to be 320. While his death was not suspicious it was quite sudden and surprising given that he was in good health at the time. His death has also freed up Gideon to run for council in the next competition.

Darrius Orren’s Family Tree

[m] Macaraiah Orren (deceased)

  • [m] Aphesius Orren

[m] Asteban Morrovhir (deceased) & Odette Galaloth (deceased)

  • [f] Ceres Morrovhir

[m] Aphesius Orren (deceased) & [f] Ceres Morrovhir (288)


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