Naroshu Hanurai

Naroshu Hanurai is a powerful Obsidiman Elementalist and is often referred to as the Savior of Broken Hills as it was his magic that allowed the miners to discover the True Earth deposits that in turn enabled them to purchase the Protection Rites from Thera to build the Kaer. Hanurai has done much for the Kaer including designing many of its defenses as well as setting up sustainable air, water and food cultivation systems.

Hanurai has spent most of the last few centuries in a deep hibernation, awakening every 50 or so years. When he awakens he stays active for a few months in which time he meets with the current Kaer Council to learn of recent events, inspects the Kaer’s various systems and defenses and speaks encouragements to the Kaer inhabitants.

Hanurai most recently awoke two years ago and has thus far shown no sign of returning to his hibernation though he has not been as active in the Kaer. He has met with the Kaer Concil but has mostly kept himself isolated in his chambers, rarely emerging except to run some routine inspections of the Kaer.

Rumor in the Kaer has it that he has not returned to his sleep because he senses that the end of the Scourge is approaching. The people are becoming excited at the prospect that they might be able to soon venture out into the world though the Kaer Council are denying this as foolish speculation. Others accuse the Kaer Council of greed or cowardice and believe that Hanurai should be in charge and should lead them out into the world.

Naroshu Hanurai

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