Broken Hills Kaer

Nearly 400 years ago, at the onset of the Scourge, there was a small mining town named “Broken Hills” consisting of mostly Dwarves and Humans who were desperately trying to raise enough wealth from the mine to buy the magical rites from the Theran empire needed to build a Kaer. In these desperate times the mine owners resorted to slavery to speed up the labor using mostly captured slaves from the Ork tribes of the surrounding area. Things looked bleak until a wandering Obsidiman Elementalist named Naroshu Hanurai came to the town’s rescue. Using his talents he was able to detect a vast hidden deposit of True Earth deep within the mountains and using this find the town was able to purchase the rites and begin construction of a Kaer.

Time was running out however and instead of creating a new Kaer they decided to convert the mines into their new home. Hanurai chose to remain with the village and help them complete the construction of their Kaer instead of returning to his Liferock. The Kaer was completed just as the Horrors began to emerge into the world. Shortly after the Kaer sealed its gate Hanurai, cut off from his Liferock, entered into a form of hibernation, awakening once every 50-100 years to meet with the Kaer elders and learn what had changed while he slept.

As time passed the Ork population grew and the Orks eventually rebelled against their masters, demanding their freedom from slavery. The elders eventually rescinded their slavery policy and the Orks were given their freedom. However, with nowhere to go the Orks found themselves with no property of their own and so began to expand the Kaer tunnels to carve out a home of their own.

With the exception of Hanurai, the Obsidiman Elementalist there were no master adepts in the Kaer. The adepts that were in the Kaer kept their Disciplines alive by passing their knowledge onto new initiates but no adepts were able to advance beyond the journeyman circles of their disciplines.

You are one of the few adepts in your Kaer. You have never seen the outside world. Your Kaer is the only home you’ve ever known.

Organizations & Groups
The Council
Hand of Gron
Brog’s Brood
Broken Hills Militia



  • Quinns
  • Lormaks
  • Gundarrs
  • Darmallons
  • Kallazods
  • Rowsterns
  • Anvilmars
  • Nar’Valos
  • Oakenwulls



  • Harrowmonts
  • Darelliuns
  • Artellus
  • Hardins
  • Pratts



Hall of Heroes
Halls of Leadership
Nobles Quarter
Inner City
Outer City
Merchant Halls
Growing Fields
Ork Tunnels

Broken Hills Kaer

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