Brog's Brood

Brog’s Brood is a gang of Orks living in the Ork Tunnels/Dusttown. Membership is mostly made up of young Orks who are feeling unruly and aggressive and are looking for someplace to vent their frustrations.

They are often involved in somewhat shady dealings, minor thefts, beatings, etc. but are careful not to cross the line into any major offenses.

The current leader of Brog’s Brood is Brog Bonetooth, a 25 year old Ork with some illusions of grandeur. Brog likes to play upon the fact that he shares the name of Brog Split-Tooth, the legendary hero, even though he isn’t actually related to him, though this doesn’t stop him from making passionate speeches to the younger Orks about living as true Orks and joining the Brood.

With the upcoming election, Brog has decided to throw his hat into the ring and run for the Council though his chances are considered very slim given that he only holds favor with the Orks, and only some of them at that.

Brog's Brood

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