Stobart "Stubbs" Quinn

Dwarf Scout


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Height: 3’9"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Appearance: Stubbs wears a long padded leather coat, with many hooks and leather loops sewn on to connect into his climbing gear. His skin is light brown but is seen to always have a cloudy, speckled appearance, probably from all the dust kicked up doing his rock surveyance work. His face is blunt and rarely shows emotion. He keeps his beard and appearance orderly, though his beard is long he tucks it into the top of his coat rather than letting it hang free. His hair cut short, almost to the point of clean shaved. He has eyes so green that people say he can look right through the rock and see the forests beyond.

Dex: Step 6 Physical Defense: 8 Unconscious: 31
Str: Step 6 Spell Defense: 9 Death: 39
Tou: Step 7 Social Defense: 6 Wound Threshold: 11
Per: Step 7
Wil: Step 6 Movement: 5 (10 yards) Armor: 0
Cha: Step 5 Carrying Capacity: 110 lbs. Mystic Armor: 1
Talents Skills
Karma Ritual 2 Mining (Knowledge) 1
Climbing 2 Stone Carving (Artisan) 1
Search 3 Craftsman 2
Tracking 0 Map Making 1
Wilderness Survival 1 Botany 1
(Optional) Silent Walk 0 Wild Animals (Knowledge) 1
Speak Common 1
Read/Write Common 1
Missile Weapon 3
Second Shot 3
Trap Initiative 1
  • The Quinn Family helped excavate the Kaer area and played a strong role in planning the city within the kaer (city layout, tunnels, soil assessments, mountain surveying).
  • Family holds a strong political opinion that the Kaer should be opened immediately. A family elder on the council has been spreading this message for many years, almost a full generation
  • Stubbs is seen as a knowledgeable person in the Kaer. He knows a lot about what’s in the far recesses of the tunnels, a lot about the city itself and still holds some generational knowledge about the outside world.
  • Stubbs works as a rock surveyor, he ranges out to find areas of rock and metals the Kaer can safely mine to build more tools or use for housing/food stores. His true goal is to find evidence that the scourge has ended and potentially discover some connection to the outside world.
  • Stubbs is middle aged and holds very practical views about what needs to be done. He goes about his business with efficiency and determination. He knows that someday the Kaer will open, likely in his lifetime, and works to hone his perception and fortitude for the challenge of leaving the Kaer.
  • Stubbs has a wife of 40 and son who is ten years old. He is somewhat aloof from them because of his job, but loves them with a passion. His wife, Kaitlyn, is a good solid woman while his son, Victor, is his hope of becoming a leader of the people in the Kaer, who will hopefully grow up knowing the outside world. He tells his son all the stories he knows of the outside world and has entrusted his son with the same passion to leave the Kaer one day.
  • The family has already made preparations as to what they would do if the Kaer opens. Stubbs has been chosen to represent them as the first ranger. His family will be cared for by his brother, Bhelen who already lives with them and spends most of his days with them while Stubbs spends most of his time learning new legacy skills from the other aged scouts in the family to teach him to survive in the outside world. Mostly lost skills like tracking, silent walk and other forms of wilderness survival.
  • Favorite saying: “If grain is all you have at hand, odds are you’ll become a fine baker.” (With Stubbs’ practical tendencies, people usually take this to mean “Make the best of your situation”, but he means it in a sad connotation like “Too bad all we’ve got is grain, there’s so much more in the world”)

Stobart "Stubbs" Quinn

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