Jorn Split-Tooth

Ork Illusionist


Race: Ork
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Appearance: Olive skin, Grey eyes, Black hair

Dex: Step 5 Physical Defense: 7 Unconscious: 27
Str: Step 6 Spell Defense: 9 Death: 35
Tou: Step 6 Social Defense: 7 Wound Threshold: 9
Per: Step 7
Wil: Step 6 Movement: 6 (12 yards) Armor: 0
Cha: Step 5 Carrying Capacity: 110 lbs. Mystic Armor: 2
Talents Skills Spells
Karma Ritual 0 Arcane Mutterings 3 Light (1)
Read/Write Magic 1 Silent Walk 3 Ephemeral Bolt (2)
Speak Language 0 Streetwise 2 Fun With Doors (1)
Spellcasting 3 Avoid Blow 2 You Got Me (2)
Spell Matrix 1 Sprint 2 Displace Image (1)
Thread Weaving 2 Scrimshaw (Artisan) 1
(Option) Spell Matrix 1 Speak Common 1
Read/Write Common 1
Speak Ork 1


  • Taught Illusionism from an Elf in the Kaer (Joel’s character’s mother)
  • Resents the position of the Orcs in the Kaer, belongs to the resistance.
  • Third of eight children. See Split-Tooth Family
  • Great, great, great, etc. grandson of Brog Split-Tooth, Kaer hero
  • siblings involved in resistance, Jorn tends to cover their escapes and makes sure they don’t get caught. Doesn’t really want to be involved in really dangerous plans but knows that his siblings would get caught without him.
  • Jorn is the only adept in the family, they keep it as secret as they can. (Many orcs know, and of course the elves)

Jorn Split-Tooth

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