Darrius Orren

Elven Swordmaster


Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 130
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Appearance: Pale white skin, Blue eyes, Black hair

Dex: Step 7 Physical Defense: 10 Unconscious: 26
Str: Step 6 Spell Defense: 8 Death: 34
Tou: Step 5 Social Defense: 8 Wound Threshold: 9
Per: Step 6
Wil: Step 6 Movement: 7 (14 yards) Armor: 5
Cha: Step 6 Carrying Capacity: 110 lbs. Mystic Armor: 1
Talents Skills
Karma Ritual 1 Diplomacy 2
Melee Weapons 1 Riposte 3
Maneuver 3 Second Attack 1
Parry 2 Sprint 1
Taunt 1 Physician 3
(Optional) First Impression 1 Armor Craft (Artisan) 3
Speak Common 1
Read/Write Common 1

Orren Family

  • Father Aphesius recently deceased; Brother Gideon is positioning to take the fathers role on the council
  • Darrius has decided to champion for the Orcs, while his brother Gideon is championing himself.
  • Darrius suspects his brother may have had something to do with his father’s death
  • His mother Ceres will not speak about anything regarding his father’s death
  • His mother has been training a young Orc ( Jorn Split-Tooth) in the ways of the Illusionist as a show of support for the Orcs, and maybe personal reasons as well
  • Other than during training, Darrius has never had to draw his sword in combat.
  • Once, to break up a bar fight Darrius used his sword still sheathed and made an example of the rowdy crowd. This gave him a reputation (mainly with the dwarves and orcs) as a skilled warrior.
    While some fear him, others just feel he got lucky.
  • Darrius is a strong supporter to gain the orcs a spot on the council. Both his mother and father supported this movement as well; though his brother feels the orcs haven’t earned such a place. He sees them as rather uncivilised and often speaks out regarding a few moments where Orcs have caused trouble (ignoring anything positive they seem to bring)
  • Darrius likes to take his time with any task; often to an extreme. Being in the Kaer for all 130 years of his life has added to this slow pace, as there is really no reason to hurry.
  • Darrius enjoys spending time crafting metal. He has detailed family history along the blade of his sword as well as a family crest into the chest piece he wears while making rounds through the seedier areas of the kaer.
  • Darrius is close friends with a local Dwarf who runs the forge named Urgrim Nar’Valos. He crafted a strong and sharp blade for Darrius as a template. This is also where Darrius has learned his armor crafting skills.
  • Presentation is VERY important to Darrius

Darrius Orren

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