Scorching Dawn

Episode 7

Showdown in the Canyon

The story so far…

  • Jorn sees the mounted dwarf inside the cave ready a lance and begin to charge the illusionary door. The dwarf smashes into the door but the illusion holds.
  • Having reached the top of the stone pile against the cliff wall Stubbs begins to try and scale the cliff wall but is unable to find suitable handholds.
  • Darrius and Jorn continue to battle the lone bandit in front of the doorway. Darrius outmaneuvers his opponent and delivers a deep wound, knocking his foe to his feet. Pointing his sword at the man Darrius challenges him to flee or die. Fearing for his life the man takes Darrius’ offer and runs into the dark.
  • Jorn retreats to the side of the door and recasts his Displace Image spell on himself.
  • Stubbs throws a grapple and rope up the cliff side and then begins to ascend the cliff face. Eventually reaching a small outcropping that is able to support him.
  • Only moments later, the dwarf calvaryman Cassius charges through the illusion of the door and bursts out into the lit canyon. Temporarily stunned he surveys the scene and sees Darrius, Jorn and Stubbs. His remaining soldiers remain trapped behind the illusion.
  • Darrius attempts to maneuver around Cassius but finds himself in a dangerous position near the dwarf’s lance. Cassius raises his weapon and brings down on the side of Darrius’ head, knocking him to the ground unconscious. The dwarf then rides a short distance away before turning about face and readies to charge against Jorn.
  • Jorn begins to weave threads to his You Got Me spell and prepares to cast the spell using raw magic.
  • Stubbs takes a few pot shots from his perch but when he realizes that he is doing little damage to the calvaryman he begins to climb the cliff again.
  • Cassius charges Jorn but only tears through the Displaced Image, shattering the illusion. The three soldiers inside attempt to disbelieve the door in front of them and manage to see through the trick.
  • Suddenly another bolt flies out of the darkness above and strikes Cassius in the shoulder. At the last second Cassius tries to wheel around and dodge the attack but fails and is knocked prone off his mount.
  • Jorn casts his spell and takes the form of Kane Telvarri. He then rushes to the prone Cassius and holds his blade at his throat and tells him to surrender or Kane’s archers will fill him with arrows. As if on cue another bolt flies into Cassius’ chest. The dwarf seems fearful and tells Jorn that he surrenders.
  • While Cassius is still surrendering his men rush to his aid. One of them shoves Jorn to the side while another attacks him inflicting only some minor damage. The third helps Cassius to his feet and he calls for his mount.
  • The bandits retreat, running and riding into the night.
  • Jorn runs to Darrius’ aid and revives him. As Darrius comes to Jorn continues to act as Kane and tells him “You’ve really messed up tonight, Darrius. You’ll never have a chance with my daughter now!”.
  • Darrius is completely disoriented but apologizes profusely to who he believes is Kane. Jorn can only hold the illusion for so long before he bursts out laughing and Darrius sees through the disguise. Jorn apologizes for the trick and then helps Darrius bind his wounds.
  • Stubbs reaches the top of the cliff face and hikes up to where Lando is waiting. Lando observes that the battle was not entirely a smooth operation. Stubbs agrees and apologizes for losing the quarry. Lando tells him that he will keep tracking them and asks what Stubbs will do now. Stubbs says he’s still looking for training and Lando tells him to come with him and help track the bandits. Stubbs agrees to pay for the training when they get back to town.
  • Meanwhile Jorn and Darrius enter the cave. Inside they find some rooms hewn from the cavern. They find a bunk room with some basic clothing and a small pouch with 6 silver coins. They also find Cassius’ room which contains a locked chest and a stable with two Huttawa mounts.
  • Darrius attempts to calm the mounts but they seem alarmed at his presence. Jorn uses his still active spell to make himself appear as Cassius. He is able to calm the mounts.
  • The two grab a few tools and return to Cassius’ chambers and begin to break the locked chest open. As the break the lock they hear a rip and the hiss of gas. A poisonous cloud sprays over them and the two get woozy and fall unconscious.
  • After resting and taking care of his injuries Stubbs heads back down to find out what is taking Darrius and Jorn so long. He comes across their sleeping bodies and is able to tell they’ve been poisoned but is unsure how to treat it.
  • Searching through the chest he finds a leather pouch with 30 gold pieces as well as some fine clothing and parchment that has been ruined with some type of blackish ink that spilled out of the same skin that was holding the gas.
  • Stubbs puts Jorn and Darrius onto the bunks and leaves them with 10 gold each and a note that tells them he is tracking Cassius with Lando and that he will return when he has completed his training…




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