Scorching Dawn

Episode 5

Thadizar, The Desert Fortress

The story so far…

  • After leaving Kane Telvarri’s manor the group decides to split up and try to uncover any information they can about Hanurai.
  • Jorn uses his streetwise skills to learn which inn Hanurai stayed at and questions the innkeeper. The innkeeper becomes suspicious of Jorn’s motives and stops answering questions as Jorn becomes sarcastic and evasive. Eventually Jorn bribes the innkeeper who decides to give him the information just to get rid of him.
  • Jorn learns that Hanurai stayed at the inn two nights ago, paid extra to have his meals delivered to his room and to be left alone, and then left the next morning. In addition he learns that the Passion Rashomon has indeed gone mad, confirming what he read in Hanurai’s journal. The innkeeper tells Jorn that any temples to Rashomon have been torn down and that other Passions have also gone mad as a result of the Horror’s Scourge. Jorn then asks if there are any Illusionists in town. The innkeeper seems amused and tells him to find a dwarf named Dusty in the market if he’s interested in learning tricks.
  • Meanwhile, Stubbs has been asking around town and eventually finds his way to the same inn that Jorn had left 30 minutes before. Instead of approaching the innkeeper however he scans the tavern and spots a man in dusty robes and a wide brimmed hat who looks well travelled.
  • Stubbs approaches the man and asks if he can join him at his table. The man seems weathered and replies it’s a free chair. Stubbs orders a bowl of stew and the two men eat in silence. When the man finishes he asks if Stubbs is looking for something. Stubbs says he might be looking for something and asks the man if he can guess what for. The man looks him over and comments that Stubbs hasn’t seen much sun as he’s got a bit of a sunburn so he must be searching for an obsidiman.
  • Stubbs is surprised how accurate the stranger’s guess is but manages to keep a straight face. He asks how the man has arrived at that conclusion and the man reveals that he overheard a conversation between a young ork and the bartender and that the ork was also sunburned and the man assumed the two were travelling companions. Stubbs feels a certain kinship with this man and asks him if he knows the area well. The man states that he’s been exploring the wilderness and probably knows it better than most people in this town.
  • Stubbs shows him one of his hand drawn maps and asks if the man can help fill in some of the blanks. The stranger seems impressed with the map Stubbs had made but comments that it doesn’t cover much area. He introduces himself as Lando Rickett and tells Stubbs that if he wants his help to come find him out in the wilderness in one day. He then hands Stubbs a dried flower and tells him to bring a fresh one with him when he comes to find Rickett.
  • Meanwhile Darrius heads into town to see if he can find a Weaponsmith. He is a little overwhelmed by the busy marketplace, and stands out in the crowd. He notices that iron cages hang from some wooden posts with sun bleached bones within and realizes that thievery may be harshly punished here. After wandering for a while he locates the smith – a dwarf by the name of Tunstan – and asks if he can study his grandfather’s sword and learn the key knowledges that would enable Darrius to weave threads to it.
  • Tunstan looks the sword over and says he should be able to study the sword but it could take up to a week and would cost 10 silver. Darrius looks in his coin purse and learns that he must have been pick pocketed earlier has he has lost a few coins and can no longer afford Tunstan’s services. Tunstan is willing to barter but Darrius isn’t sure he’ll even be here a week and so tells him he might return later.
  • Darrius then begins to look for some work. He manages to get hired by a shopkeeper who needs several crates moved in his warehouse and earns 5 copper for an exhausting day’s work of hard manual labour.
  • Jorn heads to the market and asks around to learn of Dusty’s location. He finds a dirty looking Dwarf on a street corner running a shell game with three tin cups and a ball of clay. Jorn watches for a bit and can see that Dusty might know a few tricks. When he approaches, Dusty calls out and to Jorn to try his luck at the game. Jorn bets a copper and watches the cups as Dusty mixes them up. Jorn thinks he knows which cup has the ball but chooses a different cup and tries to create a minor illusion of the ball of clay in the cup but is unsuccessful.
  • Dusty feigns some false pity and asks him to try again. Jorn agrees and tries again but this time he manages to make a ball of clay appear in the cup he chose. Dusty is surprised and lifts the cup he thought had the ball and reveals a second ball. Dusty becomes enraged, standing up to accuse Jorn of rigging the game and then cancelling the bet and returning Jorn’s coin.
  • Jorn asks Dusty to teach him the game but Dusty refuses. Then Jorn asks where he learned how to do his tricks and Dusty tells him that an Illusionist once tried to teach him some magic but he lacked the drive to really learn more than a few tricks. He tells Jorn that he can take him to meet this Illusionist if he’s willing to pay a few silver. Jorn agrees and Dusty tells him to meet him back here tomorrow and to bring some travelling supplies because the Illusionist lives as a hermit outside of the town and the journey will take a couple of hours. As he turns to leave Jorn asks Dusty which inn is the orkiest in town and Dusty points him towards an inn called “The Tooth and Nail”. Jorn heads back to the inn to prepare for dinner with Kane Telvarri.
  • After his conversation with Rickett, Stubbs asks the innkeeper for any more information about he can provide about Hanurai and slips him a handful of copper. The innkeeper is happy to oblige but has little information to offer but agrees to let Stubbs search Hanurai’s room. Stubbs spends a few minutes looking around but learns little other than that Hanurai kept his belonging close and didn’t really unpack while he was staying at the inn. He manages to find a scuff mark that Hanurai made and uses his Scout magic to follow his trail through the city.
  • He learns that Hanurai entered through the south gate of the city, stayed at the inn, visited the market and then left through the north gate, heading North on foot. As dusk approaches Stubbs returns to the inn and meets up with Jorn and a tired looking Darrius.
  • The three trade stories and information and then decide they better clean up before heading to the Telvarri manor. They don’t have a room booked for the night and Jorn wants to visit the inn that Dusty told him about and convinces Stubbs and Darrius to accompany him.
  • The three find the Tooth and Nail Tavern and it appears to be a somewhat rowdier establishment. Jorn flirts with one of the barmaids and getting caught up in the spirit of things rents a room and buys a couple of mugs of ale. Stubbs makes up his mind to return to the inn they stayed in the night before.
  • Eventually Darrius and Stubbs drag Jorn out of the tavern and the three head to the manor. They are greeted by a servant who takes them to a room where they can clean up and change into fresh clothes. They are then shown into the dining hall where they meet up with Kane and a new guest who Kane introduces as Masada Sicari (Trimbeard). At dinner they are also joined by Tanya who is now dressed in a fine dress and looks somewhat embarrassed to be back in the group’s presence. Stubbs adopts a fatherly attitude towards Tanya and compliments her on her appearance. Darrius says he’s happy to see her doing well. Jorn makes some inappropriate innuendos to Darrius in Elven.
  • Over dinner, Darrius entertains their host and his guest with tales of how the group saved Tanya from the bandits and their battle with the stone statue though he is careful to leave out details about the kaer. Masada is very impressed with Darrius’ manners and charisma and asks several questions about where the group originated and Jorn awkwardly deflects the questions.
  • Masada picks up on the groups’ reluctance to speak about being adepts and wonders why as most adepts are eager to become legends. Jorn says that they would rather let their actions speak for themselves and create great stories rather than tell them which impresses Kane, who heartily agrees.
  • Stubbs speaks to Masada asking about his connection with Kane and Masada says they are business partners and that he is a member of the Telvarri Merchant Guild. Kane interrupts to tell the group that part of the reason he asked them to dinner was to offer them membership in the Telvarri guild. Being in the guild provides certain benefits such as access to guild contacts, discounts with other merchants and the security of guild houses and caravans. If they wish to permanently ally themselves with house Telvarri there is a blood oath they can take but Kane tells them there is no need for a commitment at this time.
  • The group is hesitant to join and Kane tells them that he is still eager to work with them and maintain a positive business relationship as adepts can be powerful allies. He says if they wish to join on a more temporary basis they can still achieve membership for a monthly fee of 20 silver.
  • After dinner the party retires to the parlor for some brandy and light conversation. Tanya dismisses herself and Jorn once again makes some inappropriate comments about Tanya and Darrius which offends Kane. Eventually the group excuses themselves and leave for the night, taking the clothes they were offered with them in addition to their old clothes which were washed while they were at dinner.
  • Jorn and Darrius return to the Tooth and Nail while Stubbs retires to his inn. At Darrius’ request Stubbs rents a room for the two of them and then goes to bed.
  • Jorn and Stubbs find that the Tooth and Nail has gotten quite lively over the evening. They change in Jorn’s room and then head downstairs to partake in some of the festivities. As they descend they hear the tail end of a fight and find a half naked ork man at the bar with a large two-handed sword strapped over his shoulder who appears to have just beaten a couple of drunks in a fight. A few broken pieces of furniture lie about and a ring of people has formed around the ork.
  • The ork shouts out a humored challenge to the tavern asking if anyone in the place knows how to use a weapon or handle themselves in a fight. Jorn pushes Darrius out and shouts an insult about the ork’s mother. As Darrius enters the ring the ork smashes his mug on the bar and turns around to see Darrius.
  • Darrius picks up a broken chair leg and taunts the ork saying that he doesn’t need a real weapon to beat him in a fight. The two begin to maneuver around each other and Darrius realizes that this ork may be an adept.
  • Darrius is quicker than the ork and leaps to the attack, striking him in the chest. The ork catches the chair leg as it bounces back and then brings it down hard on Darrius’ arm. The two trade blows while maneuvering around each other.
  • Darrius sees an oppurtunity to end the fight and in a lightning fast strike he slashes at the ork’s belt buckle, loosening his pants. The ork grabs his pants and breaks into laughter. He mock bows and states to the audience that Darrius has more balls than the lot of them combined. Then he heads to the bar for another round of drinks, dragging Darrius along.
  • While the two men drink their ale, Jorn tries to get a bar fight going and after a few poorly placed blows and a Displace spell later he manages to get a small brawl going before slipping out.
  • The ork introduces himself as the Glorious Korgash, Swordmaster extraordinaire. He compliments Darrius’ skill but says he could still teach Darrius a thing or two and offers to provide some training if Darrius can help him find a more reliable belt.
  • After several drinks Darrius eventually stumbles back to his inn and crashes for the night. Jorn attempts to pick up one of the bar maids but even with Darrius as a wingman he doesn’t get lucky and eventually crashes in his own room at the Tooth and Nail.



Nothing about Jorn’s great comment to impress Kane Telvarri before making a fool of himself? Something about being part of great stories instead of telling them, men of action, …etc etc :P

Episode 5

That was a great fight by Darrius, too!

Episode 5

Added the bit about Jorn impressing Kane though I couldn’t remember exactly how it went down.

Episode 5

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