Scorching Dawn

Episode 2

Journey to the Surface

The story so far…

  • The kaer holds an emergency assembly to discuss the disasters that have befallen them. In attendance is the previous council members, the newly appointed council members and all the kaer’s adepts, including Jorn, Stubbs and Darrius.
  • Harrowmont, the previous head of the council reveals that Hanurai has apparently stolen an orichalcum disc that was crafted in commemoration of the kaer’s sealing and displayed in the Council Hall. The disc is magical and is also a pattern item for the kaer making it a very dangerous artifact should it fall into the wrong hands.
  • It is decided that the kaer must be resealed for the safety of the citizens however since no new water is being created they have no choice but to send some of the adepts out into the world. Their mission will be two-fold: 1) Find a source of water for the kaer, and 2) Track down Hanurai and stop whatever evil he his planning or at the very least recover the orichalcum disc.
  • Stubbs, who’s family has been spearheading an initiative to open the kaer for some time is an obvious choice to venture out into the world. Darrius as one of the best swordmasters in the kaer and the only adept with combat training volunteers to journey with him. Jorn, though hesitant to leave what little safety is left in the kaer, decides to journey out as well.
  • The assembly decides to divide up and assess the current situation. Stubbs is put in charge of investigating the tunnels that Hanurai used to escape and devise a plan to collapse the tunnels and reseal the Kaer. Ceres, Darrius’ mother is sent to investigate the disenchanted elemental crystal and learn whatever she can about how it can be reactivated. Gideon and the rest of the council begin to work on a plan to ration the kaer’s water supply and break the news about what has happened to the rest of the citizens. It is estimated that at most the kaer has only four months of water left.
  • Stubbs has the tunnels rigged with explosives that will collapse the tunnel once they leave. Ceres reports back that the crystal could be re-enchanted by an Elementalist and recommends the party take the crystal with them.
  • Ceres gives Darrius his grandfather’s sword, Malachai’s Wit, a threaded sword that was used by both his grandfather and father. To Jorn she gives a stone elephant charm named Trumpkin, a spell matrix item she received from her mother when she was a little girl.
  • Jorn says farewell to his family. His brother Marek congratulates him on the adventure he is about to undertake.
  • Stubbs says farewell to his family. His wife gives his a fine jeweled necklace passed down through her family in the hopes that its value can aid Stubbs in some way. His uncle, Agnar, gives him a magical compass called a Homesense Compass so that he can always find his way home. By placing some earth or stone in the compass it will point towards the location where the earth comes from.
  • When the party is ready they head out through Hanurai’s tunnel with instructions to those behind to detonate the explosives 15 minutes after they’re through (after much debate between Darrius, Jorn and Stubbs). Stubb’s finds one of Hanurai’s footprints in the tunnel and uses his Tracking Talent to illuminate the footprints so they can track him out of the kaer. They bring with them three kegs of black powder with the intention of collapsing the other end of the tunnel.
  • The party finds themselves in a large natural cavern lit by Jorn’s Light spell and the group investigates the cavern system. After exploring the cavern they decide to use the kegs they’ve brought with them and collapse the tunnel.
  • Darrius realizes that one of the caves must connect to the kaer entrance. The party decides to see if they can find the kaer’s door and ensure it is still protected. As they travel through the cave system they come across the remains of some Name-Givers that look to be only a few decades old. Jorn notices a patch of the cavern floor that has been intentionally hidden and points it out to the others. The group decides it must be a trap and bypass the patch after making a small mark to help them find it again on the way back.
  • The group finds the kaer entrance, a massive stone door carved with runes and symbols. The door looks untouched and the party sets out back up the cavern. Stubbs attempts to track Hanurai again but is unsuccessful. The party presses forward assuming that Hanurai must have gone up.
  • As the party journeys on they come across some spike traps that have been set off decades before. Stubbs stops short of one of the pits when he notices that the pit is partially obscured by webbing. He realizes this must be some type of spider nest, however while he considers the best way to proceed Darrius picks up a stone and drops it through the webbing and into a pit which startles the spiders within.
  • A giant spider emerges from the pit and Darrius moves to engage it in combat. Darrius keeps manoeuvring around the spider to keep its attention while slashing at its limbs. Meanwhile, Stubbs attempts to skirt the outside of the pit but slips and falls into the pit, barely catching himself at the last second. Jorn slides to Stubb’s rescue and hauls him back out as he notices two more spiders emerging from the nest.
  • While Darrius continues to attack the largest spider Jorn slashes at one of the smaller spiders with his dagger but is forced back by the spider who eventually bites him. Jorn is poisoned causing him to become dizzy and unfocused. Stubbs circumvents the pit to the far side but is pursued by one of the smaller spiders.
  • Darrius makes a devastating attack on the largest spider severing some of its legs. As the spider tries to retreat Stubbs takes the opportunity to hit it with a stone from his sling, killing it. The spider attacking Stubbs manages to climb over his shield and bite him, knocking him to the ground. The spider then takes a giant chunk out of Stubbs while he attempts to crawl away and infects him with the poison.
  • Darrius wounds the spider that is attacking Jorn causing it to retreat then leaps over the pit to aid Stubbs. Jorn creates an illusion to seal the pit making it appear that the web has completely covered the pit. Jorn then follows Darrius but slips and falls into the pit, disappearing through the illusion. Fortunately for Jorn the pit is not deep and he finds nothing but skeletons and a rusty sword. The illusionary web stops the spiders above from returning to the pit.
  • The last spider proves quite dangerous and surprises Darrius, attacking him and poisoning him. As Darrius attempts to recover he is attacked again and falls unconscious from the attack. The spider then continues to attack Stubbs and knocks him unconscious. Jorn, hearing the commotion above manages to climb out of the pit. Feeling out of options he again resorts to casting raw magic and manages to take down the spider with two Ephemeral Bolts spells.
  • Jorn manages to revive Stubbs and together they haul Darrius away from the nest. Feeling battered they find a small alcove to camp in and rest for the night.
  • The next morning they finally emerge from the caves into the surface world, a stark barren landscape of stone and sand. Unsure how to proceed in this unfamiliar environment the party spends their first day outside scouting out the immediate area and decide to make camp in the familiar entrance to the caves they emerged from…




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