Scorching Dawn

Episode 1

Chaos in the Kaer

The story so far…

  • The Broken Hills Kaer is getting ready to celebrate the Council Festival where the new Councillors will be chosen. Each council nominee selects a champion to compete in a race around the Kaer. The race takes the Champions to five checkpoints where they must collect a talisman symbolizing the five elements.
  • During the competition Jorn uses his “Fun with Doors” spell to seal the Temple of the Passions, effectively slowing down both Darrius and Stubbs as well as three other champions. Jorn then tries the same trick in the Market in an attempt to slow down Stubbs but having seen through the illusion once already Stubbs manages to push through the illusion.
  • At the Reservoir, Stubbs notices that the gateway is slightly ajar and his curiosity gets the better of him as he sacrifices the race in order to investigate. Inside the Reservoir he finds two guards, one dead and one seriously wounded, who were stationed outside the Reservoir as part of the competition. Their chests have been punctured by stone shards. The wounded guard tells Stubbs that Hanurai is responsible for the attack and has gone mad, saying things like “You’ve stood in my way too long” and “I will have my revenge”. Before passing out he warns that Hanurai made a threat to “Crush the leaders of the Kaer”.
  • Stubbs manages to carry the injured guard out of the Reservoir and with the help of Gorus Kallazod, one of the other Champions, they get him to the hospital.
  • Meanwhile the race has ended. Darrius’ brother Gideon, who is Championing himself, makes amazing time during the race, easily taking first place. Darrius places third securing Gortwog’s place on the council. Jorn’s brother places fifth however since only one Ork is allowed to serve he is disqualified.
  • Stubbs, no longer concerned with the competition alerts one of the Councillors to the murders that have taken place. The Councillor sends two guards to find Hanurai.
  • While the ceremony is taking place to appoint the new Councillors the crowd is amazed to see the statues in the Hall of Heroes come to life. The crowd flees while the militia move in to deal with this threat, the likes of which have never been seen in the Kaer.
  • Jorn, Darrius and Stubbs take part in the fight to bring down the statues. During the fight Darrius’ sister, Tamrial, is engulfed by one of the statues and crushed. Working together Darrius and Jorn manage to free her with Darrius burning through all of his karma and pushing himself to the point of exhaustion while Jorn resorts to casting raw magic. Stubbs gets his uncle Belarus to safety then lures one of the statues out of the hall and towards Hanurai’s estate while chipping away at it with a few well placed sling stones before Darrius finally demolishes it with an incredible sword strike.
  • With the statues defeated and the wounded taken to the hospital Jorn goes to investigate Hanurai’s home while Stubbs and Darrius return to look for clues at the Reservoir.
  • Jorn meets with one of the Councillors at Hanurai’s home and is given a journal that Hanurai has written in magic. Jorn deciphers the writing and learns that Hanurai may have indeed gone mad. His journal shows that Hanurai no longer feels a connection to his liferock and fears his brothers are dead and he blames the Broken Hills Kaer for keeping him from them. He also seems to have been a follower of the Passion Rashomon, the Passion of Leadership but now refers to him as Raggok. A figure of Rashomon in Hanurai’s study also appears to have been warped giving it the head of a ram. While Jorn is reading this one of the militia soldiers reports that a tunnel has been dug out of Hanurai’s home and through the Kaer wall. Peering into the tunnel Jorn can see only darkness.
  • Meanwhile, Stubbs and Darrius discover that the Elemental Water Crystal that Hanurai put in place and is responsible for supplying the Kaer with water seems to have been disenchanted.
  • In light of these two discoveries, an emergency meeting is called for all the Councillors and Adepts of the Kaer to decide how next to proceed.



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